#2 Boxes – GEOMETRY SYNTH by Minigorille

Geometry Synth is an Eurorack module for controlled voltage geometry synthesis.
6CV & 2GATES IN talk to processing via bluetooth.

In this video the module used are :
Basimilus Iteritas // NoiseEngineering
Pressure point // MakeNoise
LFO2 // PittsburghModular

Kicks and reverbs : Analog 4 // Elektron

TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer by BitShape

TC-11 is a fully programable multi-touch synthesizer for the iPad. This video demos some of the 64 included presets, and shows the multi-touch performance and device motion control.

TC-11 uses multi-touch control like no other app. The relationships between touches are controllers that drive synthesis. Since TC-11 is fully programable, any touch controller can change any synthesis parameter.

More videos will be uploaded soon! Stay tuned for a full feature tour, editing demo, and tips on programming your own TC-11 patches.

For more information, visit www.bitshapesoftware.com.

Hexagrama by lasal

Hexagrama is an audiovisual sequencer.
Hexagrama generates sounds depending on different graphical patterns.
Hexagrama is part of my research about the „Sound of the Geometry“.
Hexagrama talks about the quality of time and how the geometrical coincidences change our perception of the musical composition.
Hexagrama explores the geometrical properties of sacred geometry.
Hexagrama runs in realtime.

LHC CERN Event Data Visualization and Sound Generator by JH Park

LHC Sound Generator makes musical sound.
This small program generates a special musical sound by LHC CERN Event data. The work process is like a spectrum Music generator.
The Frequency Axis (Y- Axis) arrange in curvature of each one particle path and the X-Axis is the distance from the middle point.

Mac Version (Yosemite) Download Link : jeonghopark.de/media/lhc_data_music.app.zip

sourcecode : github.com/jeonghopark/LHC_CERN_Music

„ig Data“ files are at linked website from openData CERN.

This file has 100 Events. After opening the file, just click space bar and play all events in regular order.

This program is made by openFrameworks, refreq and ofUnzip.