Ecdysis (Installation), 2014 by Sougwen Chung

Ecdysis is an immersive audio-visual installation depicting biological and architectural adaptation. In Ecdysis, kinetic light, scored by ambient sound, is cast on 36 interwoven planes, suspended in space by their tensional integrity.

Ecdysis is a culmination of contrasts, tracing across gradients of the geometric and organic, the digital and the physical, the melodic and the dissonant. Viewers of the piece are invited to walk within the installation to experience the piece from multiple perspectives, rejecting the notion of audience as passive spectator as they themselves become enveloped forms within the world of Ecdysis.

Project Page:


Sougwen Chung: concept, composition

in collaboration with
Praveen Sharma: Score
Slanted Studios: Technical Direction
Chris Lunney: Technical Direction
Square Fabrication: Fabrication

Veröffentlicht in Installation, Performance.

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