LHC CERN Event Data Visualization and Sound Generator by JH Park

LHC Sound Generator makes musical sound.
This small program generates a special musical sound by LHC CERN Event data. The work process is like a spectrum Music generator.
The Frequency Axis (Y- Axis) arrange in curvature of each one particle path and the X-Axis is the distance from the middle point.

Mac Version (Yosemite) Download Link : jeonghopark.de/media/lhc_data_music.app.zip

sourcecode : github.com/jeonghopark/LHC_CERN_Music

„ig Data“ files are at linked website from openData CERN.

This file has 100 Events. After opening the file, just click space bar and play all events in regular order.

This program is made by openFrameworks, refreq and ofUnzip.


Veröffentlicht in Application, Generative, Interactive, Music.

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