Iterazer by Felix Herbst

The Iterazer is a tool to create highly complex images using your hands. The mathematics behind the iterazer are so-called iterated function systems, which were originally invented (or found) to create organic, self-similar structures like plants. For my bachelor thesis, I used a different approach: thousands of shapes are generated based on the transformations which define an image. The transformations can be controlled by simple and intuitive multitouch gestures.

The application is split into two parts: the editor, where one creates new images, and the gallery, where all projects are stored and freely move- and scaleable on the canvas. Every image can be opened again to generate new variations out of it.

Iterazer can be downloaded from Google Play Store:

responsive hexi wall fluctuates based on nearby movements by designboom

like a vision out of a science fiction film, mesmerizing waves of kinetic flow materialize in a rippling unison, countering the gesture performed by man in close proximity to the installation.

see designboom’s original article at: