The Clockmakers / Les horlogers

In this experimental animated short from Renaud Hallée, we travel inside a mysterious mechanism made up entirely of revolving gearwheels, triangles and lines. In this whirling, hypnotic world, dozens of tiny gymnasts leap, somersault and twist through the air. Their spirited acrobatics trigger both narrative and musical sequences that are mesmerizing and, at times, dizzying. Half-figurative and half-abstract, The Clockmakers is a playful creation that is sure to captivate and dazzle its audience.

Untitled Geometries: Booleay by ZEITGUISED

A deviant cg character, defying any laws of character animation. Absolutely no keyframes were used to constrain the livelyhood of this polygon being.

Premier show in Fluctuating Images: Constructing. Zeitguised Solo Exhibition 2006

“Pure geometry” by Romanowsky

Short movie, which i had made by playing with different styles of animation

Project on Behance:

sound background:
Vector Lovers – Clandestine