Ecstatic Epiphany (Preview Edit) by Micah Scott

Ecstatic Epiphany, a new light art installation by Micah Elizabeth Scott. This is an early video preview of the installation set up in the artist’s studio. It’s scheduled for public installation in San Francisco’s central market neighborhood.

Submergence, Oslo by squidsoup

The film documents an immersive art installation called Submergence. The project, made by digital arts group Squidsoup and first shown at Galleri ROM in Oslo, Norway, transforms physical space into a Mixed Reality environment where virtual and real worlds coincide. The result is an immersive walkthrough experience that uses light to alter our perceptions of space and presence.

The experience is akin to walking through an abstract virtual environment, where pixels on a screen are replaced by thousands of points of light floating in space. These points of light create evocations and atmospheres, presence.